The Facepile social plugin displays the Facebook profile pictures of users who have liked your page or have signed up for your site.

2.9 Adding a Facepile
2.9.1 Title.Specify a title for the plugin to be able to identify the plugin in back-end.
2.9.2 Publish.Choose whether to publish the plugin or not.
2.9.3 Rendering. Choose how to render the plugin.The URL option allows placing a link that redirects to a page with the plugin. Specify the link title in the Link textfield, as well as the new page Target.
2.9.4 Facebook Page Url. Enter the URL of your Facebook page.
2.9.5 Width. Define the width of the plugin in pixels.
2.9.6 Max Rows.Specify the maximum number of rows of profile pictures.
2.9.7 Image Size. Define the size of the images.