Login with Facebook button

The registration social plugin allows users to easily sign up for your website with their Facebook account.

2.13 Adding a Login with Facebook Button
2.13.1 Title.Specify a title for the plugin to be able to identify the plugin in back-end.
2.13.2 Publish.Choose whether to publish the plugin or not.
2.13.3 Domain. Specify the domain for which you want the information to be shown. By default, it is the domain on which the plugin is added.
2.13.4 App id. Enter your Facebook Application ID.
2.13.5 Redirect URL after login. Specify the URL to which the user is redirected after login.
2.13.6 Button label.Specify the button label.
2.13.7 Allow login only via Facebook.Choose whether to allow logging in only via Facebook or not.