Share Button

Facebook has replaced the Share Button with the Like Button. However, here the Share button provides additional functionality and, therefore, might be useful.

2.10 Adding a Share Button
2.10.1 Title.Specify a title for the plugin to be able to identify the plugin in back-end.
2.10.2 Publish.Choose whether to publish the plugin or not.
2.10.3 Type of URL. By default, the plugin refers to the current page, but it is possible to link it to a different page by choosing the URL option and filling out the Url field.
2.10.4 Share type. Choose the layout style of the plugin.
2.10.5 All Articles. Adds the plugin to all the articles on the website.
2.10.6 Articles.Choose the articles to which you want to add the plugin.
2.10.7 Position.Choose whether to place the plugin at the top or at the bottom of the article.